April 23

Clean The House And Save Some Goods When Water Damage Happens

Some equipment in the home must have a time limit for use that requires us to check it occasionally. Water pipes are also equipment that we must also check in a few years after installation because if there is damage or leakage of water pipes then our homes will be affected by water damage. Many losses can we get and it is not easy to call Action1Restoration service that can help quickly.

Here are some ways we can do to clean all the furniture to the clothes if water damage occurs.

Start cleaning quickly
To prevent mold, it is important to dry out waterlogged items, such as wooden furniture to small trinkets within 48 hours.

The longer this item is wet, the more mold will appear. Start by opening the window and using the fan and the air conditioner to maintain air circulation.

Clean the floors and walls of the house by using cleaning fluid. Don’t forget to use a mask, gloves and rubber boots to protect the body during cleaning.

Save and clean the carpet
If you use a carpet at home, then you must immediately save and clean the carpet. Take the carpet to the laundry so it can be cleaned by a more professional team.

Unfortunately, if your house uses a pair of carpet floor and cushion underneath, the carpet has been submerged in water so it cannot be cleaned adequately and cannot be used anymore.

If only a part of the carpet is wet, use a wet-dry vacuum to remove as much water as possible. Use a fan to speed up drying and drying in the sun on a sunny day.

How to handle furniture
Bring solid wood furniture to the outside of the room, and remove the drawers and doors to clean it. The wooden drawer that has absorbed water so that it makes it difficult to open if forced it will break.

Rub or wash this dirty furniture with a cloth that has been dipped in a solution of water mixed with soap. Use a cloth, dip it in solution, then rinse with clear water. Let this furniture dry from direct sunlight.

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