March 30

The Reason Not Everyone Should Be An Entrepreneur, Are You One Of Them?

Hearing motivational speeches from a successful entrepreneur raises your desire for an entrepreneur. In addition to the opportunity to reap large profits, entrepreneurship is also considered a form of freedom. Because you can manage your business as you wish without being dictated to by others.

But let’s admit together, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. If you’re not ready to accept some of the realities behind the following entrepreneurship, it’s a good idea to rethink your decision to enter the business world.

1. Dare to take risks
When you enter the world of entrepreneurship for the first time, many challenges await in front of your eyes. It is not impossible to fall and fail many times along the way. Not to mention the various risks that confront and strengthen the desire to give up. Many things have been sacrificed.

If you prefer a stable state, do the same routine every day, and are not confident enough, then entrepreneurship may not be your way. Because you have to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and doing new things from time to time.

2. Work almost 24/7 non-stop
At first glance, you think entrepreneurs have a lot of free time, in contrast to office work that must be ready to be called to work at any time. Unfortunately, this assumption does not match the facts on the ground, especially for those of you who have to start a business from scratch. At the beginning of pioneering, like it or not, you have to do everything yourself.

Due to the limited budget, you cannot hire employees. In addition, you must know your business more deeply to be able to formulate SOPs properly. Even if your business is on autopilot and growing rapidly, you still have to monitor everything and think about expansion plans for the next stage.

3. Have a big responsibility
Right now, your life may depend on the business you are in. Therefore, you need to adopt several attitudes so that your business runs smoothly, one of which is being self-driven. This attitude encourages you to continue to do your best, even without external motivation.

The problem is, are you ready to take on a big responsibility? Are you ready to wake up in the middle of the night to do orders and learn things you don’t understand? Are you ready to provide the best products for customers? You should reflect on this question carefully.

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