March 23

Here’s How To Correctly Solve Accident Problems

Every vehicle owner, whether car or motorcycle, has the risk of having an accident while driving on the road. In order not to cause a bigger loss, you need to know how to solve the collision problem properly. This is because traffic accidents are related to legal issues so they must be handled appropriately. If you’ve ever heard of mike morse, you can apply to become a lawyer if it turns out that you have suffered substantial losses from the accident.

A traffic accident is an unexpected and unintentional road event involving a vehicle with or without other road users resulting in human casualties and/or property loss. This event can be dangerous for both yourself and others. Not only that, but traffic accidents can also cause financial problems because the cost of repairing a car is not cheap. Then how to solve the collision problem properly?

Classification of Types of Traffic Accidents
1. Minor Traffic Accident
Minor traffic accidents are accidents that result in damage to vehicles and/or goods.
2. Moderate Traffic Accident
Moderate traffic accidents are accidents that result in minor injuries and damage to vehicles and/or goods
3. Heavy Traffic Accident
A serious traffic accident is an accident that results in death or serious injury.

Each type of traffic accident above has a different way of solving the problem of a motorcycle or car collision. The solution has been regulated in the traffic law, which must be obeyed by all motorcyclists, both motorbikes and cars.

Apart from going through legal channels, how to resolve the collision problem can also be done by peaceful means. This is done by agreeing to the two parties involved in the accident to resolve the problem amicably.

Although the perpetrator was responsible and there was an amicable accident procedure between the two parties, this did not eliminate criminal charges against the perpetrator of the accident, especially the one that caused the loss of life. The police will continue to investigate even though there is an agreement that the victim’s family will not prosecute.

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