April 19

Prepared yourself if you want to do Ayahuasca retreat

If we talk about what is masculine energy ayahuasca, maybe we will be thought about ayahuasca drug but we do not yet know about ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca retreat is one of a method that people use to way out the problem in mind. We should be done some stages if we want to get the maximal result that we never imagined. This retreat is different from the teachings of any religion. Although done in church, we are not going to use certain prayers in this retreat. We only need a good preparation of ourselves because it will be not worked if we are not prepared in full. Even though we have a family and child out there, we must be ready to leave them for a while. This retreat is not going to take a long time if we believe in ourselves. Many people were failed because they do not believe if they can do it well. Sometimes, we also can find the obstacle on our retreat that tests our patience and our heart.

We just need to think if we can find the way out of the problem we face. There are not many restrictions on this retreat because we need to focus on our purpose. It can also be done with coercion because it can damage our heart and our soul. We have to do it wholeheartedly because it can make us calm and enjoy when doing the retreat. For some people, they thought if with consume ayahuasca drug can also get the same result with doing ayahuasca retreat but in fact is different. Ayahuasca drug only as a first step in removing the burden. Even we consume ayahuasca medicine, we still can get anxiety, depression, etc. So, doing ayahuasca retreat with the right preceptor that can show us the great result in our life.

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