January 19

Tips to Train Your Dog

Good behavior and compliance need to start early. Your dog’s training program must start as early as possible, at an age when puppies naturally have an excellent capacity for learning. Good behavior and compliance need to start early. Dog training programs must begin as early as possible because, at an early age, they have an excellent capacity for learning. Your dog must understand the basic rules of life, even since he was a child, to help them become mature dogs who are confident, not easily angry and calm, and avoid nervousness that can lead to destructive behavior. You can also get brain training for dogs tips on our website.

Chances are, puppies have not been given training at home when you take them home so that accidents can occur in the first weeks. Often, they have accidents at home because they are given too much freedom, too early, and do not know where to urinate. To avoid this, there are several steps you can take:

Make sure they can only enter one or two rooms that your family most often occupies at home
Pet the puppies when you can’t watch them. They are less likely to pollute their sleeping areas because they think of this place as a safe zone and want to keep it clean
Schedule regular feeding times. This allows you to monitor puppies more closely because usually they must be removed immediately after eating
It’s important to instill the desired action, so congratulate your puppy when he manages to urinate outdoors
To make sure you can immediately give him praise, you should come out with them
Never punish or reprimand a puppy that has an “accident”. However, find a way so that they do not feel the need to urinate outside the room
Do not wait for your puppy to give a sign that they want to get out. Most puppies will not learn to communicate their needs until they understand how to “hold it” in the house. Invite them out on a regular schedule.

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