February 11

Types Of Headphone Damage That Often Occurs

Headphones are an essential device for some people especially if their work is related to music. In use, users often complain because their headphones are often damaged. I don’t know if it was an intentional error or not. The most recommended headphones for users daily are headphones that don’t leak sound. Usually what kind of headphone damage is often encountered? Then what is the solution? Check out the following article.

1. Broken Cable
Broken headphone cables are the most common. Everyone must have experienced this annoying moment. Usually, headphones break because they are accidentally pulled. To prevent this, you have to be more careful, such as not using it when you are running, being in a very crowded place like a train carriage, or not wearing it while sleeping.

2. Bass Off
Another annoying occurrence is when the bass on the headphones turns off. It’s the beat of the bass that brings the music to life. Usually, the bass headphones die due to the headphones getting water in them. Never store headphones in a shirt or pants pocket because there is a risk of washing them and killing the bass.

3. Low sound
This low sound can come from two factors, namely the setting (such as from a cellphone or indeed the music is at a low volume) and also from the headphones themselves. If it’s your headphones that are the problem, try to check if any of the cables are bent. You can give the black tape a bit that the part is not bent. Another solution is to use additional apps to maximize the sound.

4. Electrocute
This is a pretty dangerous problem. The electrocuting headphones occur due to a short circuit and also using headphones when the cellphone is charging. There are many cases of people who died from using headphones when the cellphone was charging. It’s best to charge the phone first until it’s full, then use headphones.

5. Dead
Headphones that are completely dead can occur due to broken cables, getting water in, or being stepped on. If the set of tips above can’t return the headphones to the way they were before, then the only way is to buy a new one. It’s time to replace it with new headphones.

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