Californian Roots: San Diego, More Than Beaches and Sport

San Diego is the place where you can experience the real California life: long beaches, surf, lovely weather, a relaxed lifestyle. All year long

History of the City

San Diego was initially the territory of the Kumeyaay people, a native population now living in Baja California, Mexico. Its Hispanic history began in 1542 when the area entered the Spanish Empire at the hands of the Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. California got independent from Spain with Mexico and then entered the Union in 1850. It is not surprising news that in San Diego 1 every 4 people is Hispanic or Latino*: the closeness to Mexico and the 3 centuries of Spanish-speaking history strongly bind this city to the Hispanic cultures.

Where to Find the Mexican Taste, and Have Fun in San Diego?

The good thing about being in a border city is that you can experience different cultures mixed together in a unique blend. San Diego has got something more to offer its visitors, though: it has an amazing natural environment you can get lost in.
Here’s where you can taste Mexico and have fun in San Diego.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the favorite place of young people looking for fun while in San Diego. Here you can find everything you need to have a perfect day: perfect waves to surf, the beach, music everywhere, people walking around, and Mexico – inspired restaurants. The buildings have that special Mexican style too, so there is only one thing you will miss in Ocean Beach: loneliness!

Old Town San Diego

The most touristic part of the city, the Old Town is stuffed with gift shops and Mexican restaurants serving tacos and margaritas, in a typical old-wild-West atmosphere.

this is an image of old town in san diego california

Balboa Park

With its rich gardens and the Spanish style of its buildings, Balboa Park is worth a 1-day visit just to breath the “once upon a time” atmosphere that you can find in the Spanish Village. Explore it walking or by car, it has loads of “special corners” waiting to be discovered by you.

La Jolla

Enjoy the boardwalk, snorkel, meet seals and sea lions along the cliffs. This is what tourists and locals love doing at La Jolla, the ideal place to be for everyone who loves nature and wildlife.

this is an image of la jolla in san diego california

Point Loma

Formerly an army base, this park is probably the best spot you can find to enjoy the view and take photos of the city and the ocean at sunset. Take a walk or ride a bicycle and enjoy the greatness of nature around you: during your trip, you will also find a special monument dedicated to Juan Cabrillo and a visitors center. Don’t forget your Reflex!

In San Diego, Hispanic culture is not only something made up for tourists’ amusement. It is something living within the city and is a part of it. What will you love more about your visit to San Diego? Surfing, snorkeling, or exploring?