New Mexico: Where English and Spanish Live Together

New Mexico is the State in the Union with the higher percentage of Hispanic population (approximately 50%). Spanish is so widespread here that it is the official language, along with English.
Just like all the Spanish speaking areas of USA, the closeness to Mexico affected New Mexico history, cities layout and culture.

this is an image of Albuquerque in new mexico

The Hispanic people living in the north are descendants of either the Spanish colonists, who arrived in the 17th -18th century, or of the Mexicans, who arrived during the 20th century. Nowadays, in the most isolated villages, you can still hear people talking in an ancient Spanish, the one spoken by the former colonists in 1600 A.D.

The cultural identity in New Mexico is very diverse and includes different ethnic groups, such as Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, and Anglo-Americans.

What Do See and What to Do When in New Mexico

Mountains and deserts are “the main characters” in New Mexico, and each of them has its special way to inspire visitors. Their long history and their mysteries keep on calling people from all over the world.

We visited the small town of Vallejo and learned of many of the roots where people have migrated along the west coast. My family lives in Vallejo, CA and runs After visiting Vallejo, NM, we learned there are a lot of similarities in how the cities were founded.


In the old city of Albuquerque, you can still taste that special old Spanish and the Native American presence in churches, squares, streets, etc.  You can walk around all day across the thousands of candles lit up in winter, and rest in one of the New Mexican restaurants serving super-hot meals. Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway will offer its passengers a great view of the city, from 10,378 foot.

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