Traveling in Spanish Speaking Areas of USA: Miami


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Immigration often determines the language and culture influence a city can have. This is what happened to Miami: because of the great number of people coming mainly from Cuba and Venezuela, Spanish is the most spoken language in Miami. In Miami Beach, instead, most people speak Spanglish, a hybrid language between Spanish and English.

Nightlife in Miami is very lively and caliente: you realize it immediately, simply listening to the music coming from the different clubs, where you can dance salsa all night long and enjoy the Caraibic food. Like in many other cities, the influence is not only a matter of language but involves culture and traditions as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter this magic land where the sun always shines and discover how beautiful a multi-culture background can be!

An “Almost New” City

Miami is a very young city: it was founded in 1896 and, at its very beginning, it had only 400 inhabitants. Its population grew quickly, though: 50 years later more than 170.000 people lived in there. Nowadays, Miami population is over 400.000 people.

Miami has never been an attractive place for the colonists to explore: they never really settled in there. It was the Cuban (before) and the Venezuelan revolutions that caused massive migrations from several different countries towards Miami. This determined the very quick growth of the city population and its new multi-cultural profile.

A Travel to Miami

Even if the city is very young, it is rich in new and elegant buildings, there to be visited by tourists in Miami.

Vizcaya Museum

Vizcaya Museum is in a sumptuous villa built very close to the ocean. Here you can find antique Hispanic furniture and enjoy the perfectly-kept gardens that surround it.

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Wynwood Walls

Wynwood was an industrial area, now enriched with modern art galleries and vintage shops. Walking along the Wynwood walls is a great experience even if you are not a passionate about contemporary art: you are going to enjoy the colorful details of the thousands graffiti you will find there. You can also rest in one of the several coffee bars or cafeterias you can find in the same area.

Metromoverthis is a picture of metromover in miami

Metromover is a 3-line train service for the city. Completely automatic, these elevated 2-wagons trains will lead you around the streets of downtown, where you can take photos or simply admire the city skyline. It is completely free and you can hop on and off as many times as you wish during the day.

Key West

Key West is a lovely place you can have a rest to visit the typical artist shops or simply relax across this fascinating park. You can even snorkel or parasail in Key West. You can make your emissions-free

Helicopter flight over Miami

If Metromover height is not enough for you to make “the perfect photo” of the city, you can visit Miami from an even higher point of view: jump on one of the Helicopter and experience the flight over the most important corners of the city.