Hispanic Roots of Texas: Discover the State of Friendship

Texas’s name has a Native American origin; it means “friends” in Caddo language. In this territory, just like in all the areas where colonists and Native Americans met, you can find the descendants of Europeans, Hispanics, and Afro – Americans.

Latin Americans living in Texas are known as Tejanos, and you can meet them in the bigger cities of the State, like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

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Texas Hispanic Origins

Texas has been part of New Spain colonial territory from 1716 to 1821, when Mexico won its independence. The Spaniards were here mostly because they did not want the French to get the Mexican silver mines, and they conquered this territory by simply taking there their people, as new religious missions and colonists.

After Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, Texas was part of the Mexican territories until 1836, when the Texans declared their independence from Mexico. Finally Texas became a State of the Union almost 10 years later, in 1845.

What To See: The Places You Have to Visit in Texas

There are so many things you can do in Texas: you can visit (ancient and modern) history museums, enjoy natural landscapes or even learn all the secrets of the austronauts. Where will you start?


Austin is the capital of Texas. Here you can visit the magnificence of Texas State Capitol, have a stroll along Lady Bird Lake or hire a bike and ride across the park. Bullock Texas State History Museum is also worth a visit: here you can discover Texas history, from the earlier European colonies to nowadays petroleum industries.

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Houston is the most populated city in Texas. There is a special place you can visit in Houston: it is NASA Space Center. Here you can see NASA prototyping areas, attend flight and zero gravity simulations and, above all, you can enter a real Shuttle!

San Antonio

In San Antonio you will find the perfect mix of all the history that makes up Texas: pre-colonialists landscapes and old Wild West buildings, Mexican food and flamenco dances. Breathe the religious missions’ atmosphere in the historical buildings of Missions Historical Park.


Learn the history of the city with a visit to the Old Red Museum, take a selfie in the Oval Office of The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, or discover all the mysteries of President Kennedy’s murder in The Sixth Floor Museum/Texas School Book Depository.

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El Paso

El Paso is where American and Mexican cultures really mix together. Art, literature and food merge together in a Tex-Mex blend you will not find anywhere else in the US. Discover 20th and 21st century American art in El Paso Museum of Art, taste the real Mexican and Texan food offered by the city restaurants, or go climbing in Hueco Tanks State Park. Here you can also find the ancient Native Americans work of art and admire an astonishing starry sky: enjoy the power of nature!